SIGyHD Lab provides services in:


  •      Consultancy in the field of GIT.

  •      Data modelling.

  •      Geographic databases design and deployment.

  •      Semantic labeling of digital texts using XML and GML.

  •      Creation and storage of metadata in digital humanities. Dissemination through standard web services.

  •      Ontologies and semantic web.

  •      Spatial data harmonization.

  •      Tools and prototypes design.

  •      Scientific geoportals on the Internet: map viewers and Web Mapping.

  •      Support for reports drafting in applications for projects.

  •      Functions for geoprocessing, analysis, digital cartography, etc.

  •      Design and implementation of Humanities and Social Sciences GIS projects.

  •      Training programmes adapted to users´ needs.

  •      Technical management of the corporate agreement GIT-CSIC.

  •      Web Map Services and GIS Web Application hosting.

  •      Etc.