Knowledge Transfer


SIGyHD lab performs an important activity in the procedure for Knowledge Transferring and for data and results from scientific research dissemination.

The Internet and scientific publishing by means of bilingual geoportal are one of the tools able to compare research results, and also to assess their quality via their public outreach.


There is a need to ensure the transfer of research projects results, answering the following questions:


 What type of data is the project going to produce or compile?

 Which standards is it going to use?

 How are operation, distribution and reuse of those data going to be empowered?

 How are data going to be revised and preserved?


Scientific research data should be therefore easily discoverable, accessible, understandable, reusable and interoperable; with specific quality standards.


For several years SIGyHD lab works in the implementation of INSPIRE directive. We are willing to provide research projects with a common repository of their georeferenced data, taking into account the following features:


     Data discovery: metadata catalogue, according to the Catalog Service standard (CSW) of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC).


     Data operation and reuse: metadata production, meeting usual standards; ISO 19115, ISO 19119, Metadata Profile of Spain and Dublin Core.


     Data maintenance and updating: not only discovery and downloading of closed-ended data are stated by INSPIRE, but also data transfer by means of web services meeting OGC standards: Web Map Service and Web Feature Service, meanly.


     Interoperability: metadata of both data and services, the metadata catalogue and web services meet OGC and ISO TC211 geographic information standards. This entire inside INSPIRE regulation, developed by the European Union.


     Contribution to the Open Science philosophy with open access and open use licenses of academic or scientific digital material from research projects.